Jeff Gould

Managing Director

Jeffrey Gould recently joined Black Dutch Management (BDM) to provide a strong background of 30 years of leadership and success in the practical application of new technologies related to global energy, fuel, water and minerals given his years of experience in Asia and Latin America. His transition to BDM began in 2014 after spending several years consulting on Caribbean Basin / China Fuel Initiatives such as Sugarcane to Ethanol, Supply / Storage of LNG and all coupled with upgrade technologies to accommodate these fuels.

In 2009, Gould served as Co-founder / CEO of Yellowstone Power LLC. (YPLLC) which secured the exclusive rights to develop advanced USA Coal Gasification Technology (IGCC) in China’s Shandong Province. YPLLC received the first Central Govt. Nat’l. Development Reform Commission’s approval for this technology and he negotiated multiple Joint Venture Agreements for the use of this IGCC Power Technology.

In the late 1990’s thru 2008 the majority of Gould’s time in China was as a Principal / CEO of Gladstone Power Corp. USA Holdings Inc. (GPC). His responsibilities included the research, negotiation and successful signing of a CBM (Coalbed Methane) Production Sharing Contract in 2002 in China’s Hubei Province. Soon after, a CBM National Policy change occurred requiring GPC to re-negotiate and sign a 2nd Production Sharing Contract (PSC) directly with a Chinese Central Government owned entity, the China United Coalbed Methane Group, Ltd. (CUCBM) in 2004. GPC achieved a 70% ownership share of this PSC with No Horizontal Drilling Technology Transfer. In the following years, GPC sold the CUCBM Contracts to a Canadian firm, Pacific Asia China Energy Corp., which then listed as PCE on the Toronto Stock Exchange. To date, these contracts are now part of the Far East Energy (CBM) portfolio.

He founded Gould Services, Inc. in 1982 functioning as a Consultant / Manufacturer’s Representative for energy related technologies and specialized Gas Turbine component parts to Consolidated Edison of New York and other major USA / Global power companies. Just prior and after college, he worked for P.C. Gould Sales Company selling and leasing utility truck mounted equipment throughout the east coast of the USA.

Gould is a graduate of the Choate School and Nichols College with Honors in Business Administration, Major in Marketing / Business Development.