Matt Winkler

Chief Technology Officer

Matthew F. Winkler has had a progressive, 57-year Engineering and Development career leading to the Chief Technology Director of Black Dutch Management, LLC. Before starting his Family International Internet Business, J B Filtration, LLC, he was Vice President of Environmental Technology at Rolls-Royce for many years. In this position, he was innovative and developed the Advanced Technologies to use alternative fuels, in a safe environmental manner, in gas turbines and diesel engines. Winkler was awarded, by Rolls-Royce, as a finalist in their world-wide Innovative Technologies Seminar in Norway.


Prior to Rolls-Royce buying his first startup company, Seaworthy Systems, Inc. (SSI), Winkler and three other Professional Engineers founded SSI in 1973. His role was in Advanced and Innovative Technologies to burn alternative fuels in gas turbine and diesel engines and to reduce environmental emissions while reducing operating costs and repair needs. He worked for 35 years as SSI’s Principal and Vice President of Fuels, Combustion, and Environmental Emissions, in projects around the world. After growing for 35 years, SSI was the largest, Independent Marine Engineering Company in the United States, with a professional staff of 58. Winkler was single handedly responsible for developing many advanced technologies in Fuel Use, Environmental Emissions Control for several gas turbine and diesel engine projects, many of which were acknowledged, supported, and funded by the United States Department of Commerce. He also developed a Potable Water Production Barge that utilized a Gas Turbine, in the Cogeneration mode, to cost effectively generate electricity and to produce a million gallons of Potable Water a day.


Prior to forming SSI as a Principal, Winkler worked for 16 years at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft / Turbo Power and Marine, developing advanced gas turbine engines for eight years and then by applying and installing aero-derivative gas turbines to generate electricity, pump natural gas, powering industrial processes, make potable water, and propelling large ships for another eight years. During the initial eight years with Pratt and Whitney, Winkler was instrumental in the development of several critical internal components of the gas turbine engines, such as compressors, combustion chambers, high temperature turbines, structural cases, and advanced metallurgical materials and material coating systems. In the later eight years with Turbo Power and Marine, he developed alternative fuel programs, designed fuel treatment systems, developed advanced exhaust gas emission control systems, and innovated in the filtration of gas turbine gaseous and liquid fuels.


Over his career, Winkler has authored and published 65 engineering technical articles, as well as inclusion in four hard covered books. The legal community has also called upon his expertise in gas turbines and diesel engines to provide Technical “Expert Witness” Testimony in 25 legal actions.


Winkler holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York with additional graduate studies in Advanced Metallurgy from Renssaelaer Polytechnic Institute of New York. He has been active in many International Organizations during his engineering career, including:  International Standards Organization (ISO 8217), Heavy Fuel Committee; International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC), Heavy Fuels Committee; International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), Charter Member; Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), Lifetime Member, Chairman, M-24; American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), Gas Turbine Fuels Committee, Diesel Fuels Committee, Boiler Fuels Committee.


When not continuing to advance the state of his art, Winkler relaxes by working with local Conservation and Land Trusts to set aside land and open spaces for the benefit of future generations.